Solitaire Grand Harvest Free Coins

Solitaire Grand Harvest Free Coins
Solitaire Grand Harvest Free Coins

Solitaire Grand Harvest Free Coins
Solitaire Grand Harvest Free Coins

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Free coins are the main currency in Solitaire Grand Harvest. You can use them to buy boosters, extra cards, and other items that can help you complete the levels faster and easier. You can also use them to spin the wheel of fortune and win more prizes.

There are many ways to get more free coins in Solitaire Grand Harvest. Here are some of them:

Complete daily missions: Every day, you can complete specific tasks that will reward you with free coins once you achieve them. The tasks vary from playing a certain number of levels, harvesting a certain number of crops, using a certain number of boosters, and more. The amount of coins you get depends on the difficulty of the mission and the total number of players in your country[^1^][2].
Collect hourly bonuses: Every hour, you can collect a bonus of free coins by tapping on the coin icon on the bottom right corner of the screen. The amount of coins you get increases every time you collect it, up to a maximum of 10 times per day.

Watch ads: Occasionally, you will see an option to watch a short video ad and get some free coins in return. You can do this up to 5 times per day.
Connect to Facebook: If you connect your game account to Facebook, you will get a one-time bonus of 1000 free coins. You can also invite your friends to play the game and get 500 free coins for each friend who joins.
Join events: Solitaire Grand Harvest regularly hosts special events that offer extra rewards and challenges. You can join these events and earn more free coins by completing the event levels and goals.
Claim freebies: Solitaire Grand Harvest also gives away free coins through various channels, such as their official website, social media pages, newsletters, and partner sites. You can find these freebie links and collect them by tapping on them. Some examples of these sites are Slot Freebies[^2^][1] and Gamer Tweak[^3^][4], which update their links daily.
As we mentioned earlier, you can use your free coins to buy various items and boosters that can help you progress in the game. Here are some examples of what you can buy with your free coins:

Extra cards: Sometimes, you may run out of cards before clearing all the cards on the board. In that case, you can buy extra cards with your free coins and continue playing. The cost of extra cards increases every time you buy them in the same level.
Boosters: Boosters are special items that can give you an edge in the game. There are four types of boosters in Solitaire Grand Harvest: wild card, shuffle, joker card, and multiplier card. Each booster has a different effect and cost. You can buy boosters before or during a level with your free coins.
Wheel of fortune: The wheel of fortune is a mini-game that you can play once per day for free. You can spin the wheel and win various prizes, such as free coins, boosters, crop cards, or even a jackpot. You can also buy extra spins with your free coins if you want to try your luck more than once.
Crop cards: Crop cards are special cards that you can collect by harvesting crops in the game. You can use crop cards to fill up your crop baskets and earn more rewards, such as free coins, boosters, or golden cards. You can also buy crop cards with your free coins if you need more of them.
Solitaire Grand Harvest is a relaxing and enjoyable game that offers plenty of ways to get more free coins. You can use these coins to buy various items and boosters that can enhance your gaming experience. Whether you play casually or competitively, Solitaire Grand Harvest has something for everyone.